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Who is Coockerooo ? :

We are a young and dynamic team of entrepreneurs and developers and hope to one day improve retail with our idea. Our mission is to develop groundbreaking solutions for all sizes of businesses.

At Coockeroo, we believe that the efficient use of technology can lead any business to a successful future. To help us improve, we always welcome constructive feedback from our customers. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives.



Start: Unsere Technologie

Our innovative technology

Coockeroo's technological solutions contribute to the growth of small individual entrepreneurs as well as large corporations. Combining the traditional way of retail with modern AI technology, ensuring retailers and their customers a new way of shopping. Our platform was developed to make your everyday work easier. In order to make our products even more helpful, Coockeroo is constantly working on the further development of our software. Stay tuned!


"Coockeroo is most efficient, futuristic and connected retail ecosystem ever, helping retailers predict and manage demand and supply like never before".

~ Neeraj Choudhary

(CEO India)

Start: Zitat

Our Technology

Easy to use !

Everything is in one place!

Management of the products in the store, automated reorderings and listings based on customer demand and expectations.

No more communication issues, reach out to your colleagues inside the store or across the organization within a click.

With Coockeroo, you get a graphical overview of your sales data, as well as what your customers are requesting locally, too!

Time Saving

Reorderings & Category Management have never been that easy!
No scanning with MDE devices needed to define Out of Stocks, let the AI do the work for you.

Your ERP System is not user friendly?

No problem, you can instantly import the Data into Coockeroo with your ERP API.

You do not have any ERP System?
Just use Coockerooand explore the results yourself:

Just export your cashier data in a CSV File and we'll run our Modell over it, reorderings are now automated!

Because we add the right product & supplier databases...bam, off you go, new listings are as easy as never before!

Maximum Revenues

The AI calculates the optimal quantity and location for the best possible revenues!

Delistings and Powerplays?

It's up to you, but does it suit the Consumers?

We say, better together than against each other, always helping to do the things right for your local shopper & fans!


Get in touch with your customers through the consumer App.

Get some first-hand experience feedback and build a strong brand by including the wishes and expectations of your customers in your supply. Inform them about events and offers directly through the app.

Functions like click and collect and scan and go will make their lives easier and ensure higher customer satisfaction through reduced waiting times and easy payment solutions.

Start: Dienstleistungen
Clean Officespace

Vision & Mission

Start: Projekte


Towards a waste-free retail industry

... reducing the waste generated from 39 million tonnes in european retail down to to 0,1 Tonnes over 10 years by tailoring the product range to consumer demand with our all real-time shopping data.

We build the digital infrastructure

...for retailers through Coockeroo Cashier & ERP Mobile App, optimizing their revenues through AI, while aligning interests in the industry.

We are operating an E-Money Institution from 2022 on​

... to ensure the latter, for frictionless B2B payments and centralize all offline retailers in a consumer application, maximizing the accessibility to each store, in each city at any time, feeding back into the AI.

Start: Unser Team

Our team



Sanjoy Kumar

Lead Data Scientist & Web Security Engineer


Arnold Tegninko

DevOps & UX


Ilknur Atakli

Marketing & Communication


Neeraj Choudhary

Lead India

Sher Khan1.png

Sher Khan Mari

DevOps & Analytics


Constantin Schmidt

Strategy, UX & Sales



Dmitri Barabnov

Full Stack Devops


Lemmer El Assal

Full Stack DevOps


Sami Hajjem



Romain Pizelle

Risk & Compliance

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